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Hi! My name is Mary Mounce and I am a Registered Nurse that also holds a dual license as an Aesthetician & Massage Therapist. Trained in aesthetics since 2005, my main focus is in corrective and preventative skin care. I specialize in aging, acne, and compromised skin types.

My clients are diverse and have ranged anywhere from professional athletes to stay at home moms. My focus is to create a tailored, unique experience for each and every client.

Passionate towards education, my goal is to thoroughly educate my clients about their own body and healing capacities. I strive to provide superior services at all times and is extremely compassionate when delivering care.

My primary focus is in achieving the highest standards in my industry by completing certified workshops and training annually. 


Restoration Rx - Holistic MedSpa Clinic, Luxe Rx Skincare, Restoration Rx dermaACTIVES, Rx Medical Skincare and RESTORED Clinical Skincare are a result of years of research, development and intense formulating. The goal is to provide superior products with scientifically-based clean ingredients and results-oriented clinic services for true skin restoration.

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