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When you walk in you immediately feel relaxed. Spa like atmosphere with relaxing music and beautiful candles scents. Clean and welcoming.


Mary is simply amazing! She takes the time to listen to your skin care needs. She is committed to getting you to your skin care goals. She goes above and beyond! Very personable and kind! 

Melanie F.

Scottsdale, AZ

Restoration Rx is a beautiful facility. It's a place you can walk into and feel the tranquility. Beautifully decorated and clean! From my first session with Mary I realized I was in good hands. She genuinely cares about long term results. I will be a long time customer!


I indulged with multiple treatments and products upon her suggestion and the quality of my skin has increased dramatically! Her passion for healthy skin is a blessing. I especially love how she will take time to explain the science of skin treatments and care. I will be a long time customer!

Matti B.

Mesa, AZ

On short notice I decided to pull together a girls night, and treat my ladies to a massage :) Mary, the therapist was incredible, she was a few minutes early to set up, her equipment and linens were clean and in good shape, she brought relaxing music, was incredibly pleasant and super professional. She changed out sheets and washed her hands between massages and was otherwise attentive to hygiene and etiquette.

Mary also has a gift for what she does - my mom was a licensed massage therapist and I used to get massages regularly (ie, before having kids lol), and I know the difference between someone going through the motions and someone who is connected and paying attention. Mary was aware of how much pressure to use and if I became uncomfortable; she picked up on and asked about some sore spots in my arms and wrists because I have arthritis and I felt great when she was done. In fact, all the girls agreed that Mary was great.

It was a real luxury to have a therapist come to me, if it hadn't been for a girls night in, I wouldn't have thought to book a service like this and I'm so glad I did. Looking forward to doing it again.


Phoenix, AZ

All I can say is that Mary is incredible. My 16 year old son Trevor, started to see Mary after battling years of teenage acne. He had been getting regular facials and using Jan Marini for over a year with no success at a spa down the street from us. We almost gave up and was going to see a Dermatologist for help. We found Mary through a friend and she convinced us to wait and see if she could help. She switched him to Rhonda Allison immediately and started to see him weekly for treatments. Let me first explain that his skin was so bad. It was always red, inflamed and covered with painful pimples. It took a huge hit to his self-esteem. After 1 month of weekly treatments, his skin changed dramatically and we then switched to going every 2-3 weeks. By the third month, he had completely different skin! Clear, soft, minimal redness and it looked so healthy. I was so impressed, My husband and I started seeing her for our skin issues and I already notice a huge difference. Now my son has so much confidence that he finally asked out the girl he has liked for the past year. Thank you Mary for your expertise!


Scottsdale, AZ

After several months of experiencing neck and right shoulder pain, I Finally found relief when I started having weekly massages from Mary.


I previously had tests that showed I had a fused vertebre in my neck. My doctor recommeneded that I go to get physical therapy. I had PT twice a week for about 6 weeks and did not see or feel much improvement. My physical therapist mentioned I might want to try massage as well.


That's when I found Mary! She started massaging my back, neck and shoulder for about 45min weekly then tappered off to every 2 weeks. After 2 visits, I already started to feel some relief. I was starting to feel so much better with the massages that I actually stopped seeing the physical therapist. Now after 2 months of this intense work, I am practically pain free!


I am a 71 yr old semi-retired man that drives a lot for my job. Driving seemed to make my pain worse, but now it's not as bad. I now have more range of motion and can do things, like putting my arms behind my head, with more ease. I recommend Mary as a massage therapist for everyone!


Midlothian, VA

I have had many massages over the pass 13 yrs. [Mary] was very thorough without being imposing, and very mindful of treatment pressure.

Plus she let me sleep.....

Hopefully, I can use her services again.

Richard L Averitte, Jr, MD

Scottsdale, AZ

Your massages are off the hook! You have some serious talent!


Scottsdale, AZ

The massages I've had by Mary are not comparable to any other therapist I've had.  Mary is very intuitive and has a wonderful and pleasant energy about her, which made my first experience so great I went back for a second massage the next week.

Kristin Smith, RN

Tempe, AZ

In December 2010, I decided to treat myself to a Dermaplaning treatment and 1 hr massage with Mary. When I went to work the following week, people asked me if I changed my make-up or wondered what I did differently because my skin looked so amazing. The Dermaplaning totally smoothed out my skin that I was actually wearing less make-up than usual! I am having another one in about a week, along with another wonderful massage and can't wait. Mary really puts her heart and soul into her work and her energy is very positive. I have had many many massages in my life and I rank Mary's at the top.

Samia Kadri, RN

Phoenix, AZ

Mary is simply the BEST!

Kim Dottling

Phoenix, AZ

Dear Mary, I postponed the writing of this letter for over a week now because I couldn’t believe how good my skin looked after the facial. Not only was the facial fabulous, but it was relaxing and you gave me lots of information as well. When I went to my car and I glanced in the rear view mirror I had to take another look: my skin was literally glowing and after more than a week, it still looks just as good. You are the best! Thanks again.

Gabriella von Elekes

Scottsdale, AZ

Mary is excellent at what she does. She has a very high level of professionalism that is hard to come by in AZ. I appreciate the time she takes to make sure that you understand what is going on with your skin. You could not ask for a better person to help you with your skin care needs.

Nicole James, LMT

Phoenix, AZ

Mary is a very gifted healer. She has taken a genuine interest in my health care - especially my skin. I did not want to take any pills, drugs or creams to resolve my skin issues. I wanted a more holistic solution. Mary has given me the most therapeutic healing process I have ever experienced. I have even dozed off a few times during my facial treatments. It's like heaven!


Phoenix, AZ

Mary has helped me with a myriad of skin problems over the years, and educated me on how to properly take care of my skin. Great skin gives me a confidence that I never had before- Thanks Mary!


Phoenix, AZ

Mary’s passion for helping people came thru the moment I met her for my first facial. Being in the Natural/Holistic Health field myself, I was extremely impressed with her knowledge on many levels. Mary’s philosophy of rehabilitating and nourishing skin is not very common in the world of aesthetics, so I was very excited to hear what she had to say. I learned so much from her about my skin, and her enthusiasm was contagious. I also learned a lot about the products I was using and appreciated all the time she spent looking through everything I brought for her to look at. I knew that I would want to continue with monthly treatments and let her be my “skin guru”. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone to guide them in skin care, or who just enjoys facials and being pampered!

Heather Wolcott

Phoenix, AZ

Acne has been a constant struggle in my life. I have tried many over the counter products which inflamed my skin even more. I started going to a Dermatologist when I was 16 and was put on oral antibiotics and topical antibiotics to help treat my skin for several years. Since moving to Arizona in 2004, my skin took a turn for the worse after a year of stopping the antibiotics. In June of 2006, I began seeing Mary Mounce for regular facials. She has not only stopped my constant break-outs, but has also helped improved the texture and tone of my skin. Mary provides a great knowledge of education on skin and how it functions in the body due to nutrition, products, environment and hormones. Every time I see Mary for a facial, she improves my skin and self-esteem.


Phoenix, AZ

My experience with Mary has been just wonderful. She expresses the utmost interest in your skin care needs. When I started seeing Mary in 2005, I had significant melasma issues that had developed over years in the Arizona sun. Following a course of treatments, my pigmentation issues have vastly improved under Mary’s care. Mary is a dedicated professional and I’m glad to have found her to assist me with my skin care needs.


Phoenix, AZ

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